Neighborhood Watch

Highland Lakes is one of the safest and crime free neighborhoods in Teller County, but burglaries, armed robbery and even murder have increased in rural areas in the past years. We believe this trend can be turned around and the prospect of being robbed or burglarized can be greatly minimized by the Neighborhood Watch Program. When it comes to fighting crime, we’re all in it together. All that is needed is your eyes, ears and a little of your time.

Thanks to a couple of concerned property owners the program has been reorganized and is up and running in the community. We have a Committee Chairman, a Watch Commander, and over forty Block Captains that have committed to seeing that Highland Lakes continues to be a safe place to live. We also have the full support of the Teller County Sheriff’s Department and have two deputies assigned to our program. They will continue to provide training, information and advice, as needed.


Each Block Captain has been assigned a list of neighbors who live close by. In our rural setting that can be a challenge. Provide your Block Captain with your name, phone number and E-mail address. At your request, this information will be kept confidential. You will be given a magnet with important phone numbers on it, including your Block Captain, Watch Commander, and the Sheriff’s non-emergency number.

If you see or hear anything that you think is out of the ordinary, call one of the numbers on the magnet or listed below. ALWAYS CALL 911 FIRST IF IT IS AN EMERGENCY!

Occasionally, your Block Captain may E-mail you with information or provide you with an update about an incident. Block Captains will also be attending semi-annual meetings and the results of those meetings will be shared with you.


Engrave valuables with an Operation ID number such as your driver’s license number or PIN number that only you know. Don’t use your Social Security number. Put it on an easily accessible place, but hidden from view. Use an electric pen or other engraving tool designed for this purpose.

Keep a list of your valuables containing the Operation ID, serial number, model number, and other helpful information. A photo of jewelry and other valuables is always helpful.

Install good door and window locks AND USE THEM. Install motion lights.

Never leave a house key hidden outside. A good burglar knows your hiding places. Leave it with a trusted neighbor, friend or relative.

Have a friend or neighbor watch your home and get your newspaper and mail when you are on vacation. Put lamps on timers that go on at dusk and off at your normal bedtime. Ask a neighbor if they will park an extra car in your drive. Have your driveway shoveled. Make it look like you are not away. Let the Sheriff (687-9652) know you will be away and who is watching your home.

Place NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH decals on all entrances.

Display your house address number so that emergency personnel can easily find your home. Use fire resistant material with reflective numbers.

Get to know your neighbors and the neighborhood. Know what is normal and what is not.
Be a good witness. Immediately write down what you saw, when it happened, and get information, i.e., height, weight, clothes, make and color of vehicle and license number.



Chris Becker Watch Commander, Neighborhood Watch 636-675-7854
Jay Brown Committee Chairman 719-650-5874
Sheriff’s Department Non-emergency 687-9652
Divide Fire Non-emergency 687-8773, 686-8538

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revision: 04/01/2021