Highland Lakes offers many facilities for residents who are members in good standing and have paid their dues. Our facilities may also be enjoyed by residents’ guests as long as they are accompanied by a member resident. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on HLPOA property at any time. Violations of the rules or abusive use of the property may result in a member being prohibited from future use of the facility.


The Community Building is the site of the monthly HLPOA and HLWD board meetings, quarterly Neighborhood Watch meetings, and many of the HLPOA sponsored activities throughout the year. It is located off of Deep Lake Drive and is next to Deer Lake.

The building may also be used by member residents for birthday parties, gatherings, and has even been the sight of a few weddings. There is no charge for the building rental as long as it is returned in good condition. See Building Usage for more information .


The nine lakes in the community are for the recreational use of all member residents. All lakes and dams are owned and maintained by the HLWD. Some of the costs are shared with the HLPOA, such as weed control. The stocking and management of fish and fishing activities is the responsibility of the HLPOA and the Fishing Committee. A Highland Lakes fishing permit must be displayed at all times when fishing on any of the lakes. ICE SKATING IS NOT PERMITTED ON ANY OF THE NINE LAKES!!

The largest of the lakes is Elk Lake and covers approximately five acres. Fishing and non-motorized boating as well as snowshoeing and cross-country skiing are the biggest activities found on this lake. For the hardy, ice fishing is always popular. Swimming is not permitted. ICE SKATING IS NOT PERMITTED.

Deer Lake is the next largest lake and is located next to the Community Building. Fishing in the warm months. Boating, swimming, and ice fishing are not permitted. ICE SKATING IS NOT PERMITTED.

The seven Beaver Lakes are located along Blue Mesa Drive in the south end of the community. Fishing is allowed year round. Boating and swimming are not permitted. ICE SKATING IS NOT PERMITTED

Please observe all rules posted at the various lakes and use of the lakes is at your own risk. Make sure the ice is safe before going out on the lakes. The water is cold and deep.


The playground and picnic area are for the enjoyment of member residents. The facility is open from dawn until dusk. There you will find a beach volleyball court, two regulation horseshoe pits, a basketball half court, and playground equipment and sand box. Balls and equipment are available when you rent the building or during HLPOA sponsored activities.


The Trails Committee has been busy working on the hiking trails and plans to continue to refurbish and maintain them for your use. For more information see the Committees page.