Snow Plowers

The Snow Plowers found on the list live in or near Highland Lakes. Contact them to find out their prices and availability before you need them. If you would like to be added to the list or need to make changes please contact Garry Cote at or call 687-0338.

Rick Cochran
3198 Blue Mesa Dr.

Note: ATV with chains

Dave and Karen Walker
3543 Blue Mesa Dr.
Cell: 510-2623

Note: ¾ ton truck with 7.5 ft. plow
Kids will shovel walks & deck

Roy McMurtry
273 Wayward Wind Dr.
687-7823 or 687-4490

Note: Pick-up truck with blade

Tim Muckler
Black Dog Excavating
Lost Lake Drive
687-2697 or 684-5762

Note: Kubota tractor with front-end loader and rear hydraulic blades for snow removal.

Jay Brown
168 Maroon Lake Circle

Note: ATV with chains

Don Bartron
219 Maroon Lake Circle

Note: ATV with chains, light shoveling

Thomas Dunn

Note: Truck with plow

Scott Rudy
337 Lost Lake Drive

Note: ATV & Polaris Ranger plow

Cymon Kingery; Mountain Tree Spraying
407 Blue Mesa Dr.

Note: Pickups with plows

Revised 11 Feb 2017