Highland Lakes is a covenant protected community. Covenants and Rules and Regulations are strictly enforced to the benefit of all the property owners. It is important to read and understand these documents as it defines how you can and cannot use the property.

A covenant is a formal legally binding agreement, recorded with the Teller County Clerk and Recorder’s Office. All property owners of Highland Lakes, by purchasing property in Highland Lakes, agree to the terms and conditions found in the Covenants and Rules and Regulations of the community.

The Highland Lakes Property Owners Association and the Architectural Control Committee are tasked with enforcing covenants to protect property values and to assure that Highland Lakes is a desirable place to live. We encourage every property owner to correct violations even if they have been “grandfathered in” and to disclose any violations to new property owners or provide them with a copy of an approved variance.

Covenants have nothing to do with zoning or governmental regulation or laws. Those are separate issues that could affect the way you use the property. We encourage you to become familiar with Teller County Land Use Regulations, Building Codes, Ordinances and local laws by visiting the Teller County Website or by calling their offices.

Note: Although every effort has been made to assure the accuracy of the copies of the Covenants found on this Website, we recommend you obtain an official copy of your particular filing from the Teller County Clerk & Recorder’s Office, Pikes Peak Title Company or Security Title Company.

For comments or additional information please contact the Chairman of the Architectural Control Committee or the HLPOA President. Select CONTACT US from the Home Page.

Rev. 8/26/2006